Organic Meat
All our organic meat comes from Drydown Farm, certified by the Soil Association
(certificate number G6863).
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Drydown Organic Lamb

Our organic lambs are sired by rare breed rams, selected for their fine flavour and the succulent texture of the meat they produce.  They are reared on their mothers’ milk in organic, clover-rich pastures.
Whole (approximately 18kg) and half lambs are generally sold between June and December.  Let us know how you like it cut, and it will be delivered in the peak of condition.

Drydown Organic Grass-fed Beef

Our Drydown organic beef comes from cattle bred using a Hereford bull and reared slowly in the traditional way.  Calves suckle their mothers for around 10 months.  Grazing organic pastures throughout the year, their diet is supple-mented in winter with Drydown’s own home-produced organic hay and silage.  The grass-fed beef has a superb taste and texture and is richly marbled with fat containing healthy Omega 3 oils.
Our Drydown organic beef is sold as the animals mature, usually in the autumn.   We offer a range of four organic beef boxes – Premium, Family, Two-Person and Economy – plus various cuts to suit.

Drydown Organic Pork & Sausagemeat

Drydown Farm rears a small number of organic Gloucester Old Spots annually, which produce absolutely delicious pork.
Drydown Organic Pork is exclusively available in the autumn, once the pigs have feasted royally on windfall apples and acorns.  Sides of pork (approximately 22kgs) are cut to suit your household requirements. We also offer delicious organic pork sausagemeat, perfect for stuffing.

Spring grass-fed lamb now available to order 

There's nothing quite like the tender sweetness of spring lamb - fantastic simply roasted or barbequed with garlic and herbs and served juicily pink. 
Our Drydown Farm ewes lamb in March. Unlike indoor-reared Easter lambs (which are actually born in autumn and therefore have little or no opportunity to graze), their offspring will learn to eat grass within a few weeks of birth and benefit from exercise and the sun on their backs. This gives their meat a finer grain, a natural rosy colour and more flavour. 
Drydown lamb will be available from the end of June 2018 on a first-come, first-served basis. We're taking advance orders now, so get in touch  to reserve your lamb.